Position your business for sustained success

Chances are, you started your business with a passion for going to market with something truly unique. Whether it’s a category-busting innovation, a new way of serving customers, or your very own secret sauce, you’ve got something that really excites people. At the outset, that passion – and maybe a little luck – fueled you through those long days, late nights, and occasional setbacks. 

But now you’re ready to take stock of this company you’ve built – to make sure it’s on the right path to sustainable growth. Maybe you’ve been hearing from business partners or family members that it’s time to put some structure in place so you can focus on the important stuff. 

Time to get out of the weeds

Another week goes by and you realize you spent it completely distracted by the day-to-day -  again. You might be wondering how you could possibly find the time to be more deliberate about the future. All those ideas are still there – they just need to get out of your head and get organized.

I’m Brad Krueger, your trusted business strategist. My mission is to help your business achieve Success Beyond Luck. I’ll help you rise above the chaos to identify the priorities that will lead to success on your terms. And I’ll be by your side while you put your ideas into motion, making sure you stay on course and with sensible modifications along the way.

Expertise with empathy for your business success

My clients say they’re impressed with how quickly I learn about their business and how I apply my extensive knowledge to discover opportunities and uncover risks. I work with entrepreneurs who are committed to the process, so they appreciate my high level of engagement.

If you’re an business owner interested in defining strategies for success and are committed to get there, let’s talk! As part of the LGBTQ community, I have a particular connection with like-minded entrepreneurs who are seeking empathetic guidance. 

Are you ready to work on your business? I’d love to work with you!



"My shop is now more prepared for the unpredictable future"

 - Josh Huisenga, Owner of Chalkbox Creative


"Brad will help you accomplish your goals!"

- David Ives, Owner of Arbor Hills Senior Companion Care 


"I'm now so much clearer about my path forward."

- Barry North PhD, Nutrition Educator and Coach